Dan Boyle: Out (ADD)

by Ryan

Injuries in preseason are a fan’s worst nightmare.

For example, today I watched a Sabres practice in which Brian Campbell immediately left the ice after getting a puck to the face. Now while I joked he will be out 6-8 weeks with a broken face, inside I am panicking that we are down to five defenseman. Sure, I may be joking at the present, but I am also mentally preparing for a giant dose of emo-bangs from Mike Card.

Soupy’s grill aside, we haven’t seen many injuries as of yet. Sure, Teppo is already rehabbing, but at this point it’s Teppo being Teppo.

Tampa Bay hasn’t been so lucky, as a major star left a preseason game with an undisclosed upper body injury. (Thank God we’ve started the secrecy crap this early…) Hey, anyone who can’t tell me what ails them is going to get a red flag on my draft board.

Also getting a red flag is Dan Boyle. His red flag, however, will be accompanied with three exclamation points and signal flare.

Lightning defensemen Dan Boyle was injured in the locker room after the game. Distracted while he was hanging up his skate, it slipped off of the hook and hit him in his left wrist, cutting a tendon. Boyle was to have surgery on Sunday and will be out several weeks.

Wow. I can’t even begin to imagine what distracted him that much. I hope he doesn’t get bored with all that downtime. Hopefully there are some pretty colored shiny things in his house…