Baseball! Long overdue!

By Jon

I started this post by handicapping the final few days of the MLB regular season and discussion possible division series matchups, appeasing one of our loyal readers in the process.

Then this little diddy came along…

The ball that Barry launched into right-center for number 756 is going to be forever branded with an asterisk, and that’s not even the best part. The big-wigs at Cooperstown have decided to accept and display the ball

For those keeping score at home, yes, I did vote in this sham of a poll. And, yes, I did vote for branding this tainted piece of memorbilia with the dreaded asterisk.

This past week, Barry has been kicked around quite a bit. Let’s review…

First, the Giants announce that they won’t resign him next year. Ouch. Basically, they kept him around for the home run chase, sold a few tickets, made a bunch of money, then told him to take a hike. It sounds awful, but I can’t agree with what the Giants organization did at all. We must remember that this is a business. There is no way to justify Mr. Bonds at the pricetag that he commanded this past season if it wasn’t for the hoopla concerning the home run chase, and now that the storm has calmed, so to speak, it is time for him to hit the road. The man plays when he wants to, is a walking medical report, and a media nightmare. I’m sure the San Fran brass are wishing him good riddance.

Next, the story about this ball. This one doesn’t require much explanation. The ball he hit to break an incredibly hallowed record will forever be marked with an asterisk. I get giddy at the thought of this.

The biggest slap in the face to Bonds was the Hall of Fame accepting the ball. Sure, they can say that it’s a “piece of history” all they want, but this is the first piece of memorbilia in the Hall that blantantly makes reference to the steroids era. Anyone who passes through the doors in Cooperstown will see the ball that broke Aaron’s record, and it will be emblanized with an asterisk.

Congrats on breaking the record, Barry, but even the Hall of Fame knows you cheated.