Around the NFL…

By Jon

Lots of NFL news today…..

First off, the Falcons finally signed Byron Leftwich. Memo to Arthur Blank and Co.: What the hell took you so long? Your quarterback is Joey $*@#&% Harrington, who couldn’t stick with the Lions or the Dolphins, two teams that certainly have not been stellar the past few years (or decades in the case of the Lions). Leftwich to Atlanta makes far too much sense for it not to have happened, and the Falcons improve on offense, albeit slightly. Look for the Falcons to look a bit more competitive in a few weeks, once Leftwich gets the offense underneath him a bit.

Also on the free agent front, the Cowboys have signed Tank “The Criminal” Johnson. Johnson is an improvement over Jay Ratliff (who?) at defensive tackle in their 3-4 system, but he won’t be able to play until he completes his 8 week suspension. A good signing for the Cowboys, as there is no reason to think that they won’t be in the playoff picture come week 9, and Tank will surely shore up the middle. Now let’s see if he can stay out of trouble off of the field. I have my doubts.

Speaking of off-the-field trouble, OJ Simpson is in much more trouble than anyone (or maybe just I) realized. Seven felonies and one misdemeanor charge were filed against Buffalo’s old friend today, and he is still being held without bail. I, for one, hope that justice is finally served.

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  1. mixmastaj16

    Hey I think you failed to mention a little news about the 2-0 Packers.

    Brett Favre is now the most winningest quarterback in football. I think that deserves some recognition.