8 in 8: AFC West

By Chris

In today’s edition of the Roost’s NFL Preview, 8 in 8, we take a look at the AFC West.

1. San Diego Chargers
Probably the best all-around team in the league outside of New England. Norv Turner loves to run the ball so expect another dominant season from LaDainian Tomlinson. And as the maturation of Phillip Rivers continues, he’ll probably want to look for Antonio Gates a little more this season. Couple Gates’ “comeback” with the emerging Vincent Jackson and it looks like the Chargers should win about 13 games to take home the division.

2. Denver Broncos
In a very, and I mean very, top-heavy division, look for the Jay Cutler-led Broncos to secure a wild card berth. One of the most balanced teams in the league, it’s Mike Shannahan that puts them over the top of other playoff hopefuls New York, Jacksonville and Cincinnati (that’s right, Pittsburgh will make the playoffs. More on that tomorrow.). Big Poppa Travis Henry should have a career year behind Denver’s almost-mythical offensive line and the defense should be as stingy as ever. Expect them to win that extra lat season game this season to get them into the postseason.

3. Kansas City Chiefs
No matter how high the Roost’s own Rich might supposedly be on KC, let’s face it: They’re just not going to be very good. Sure Larry Johnson is great, but he’ll have to carry the load on offense and will his body be able to handle another 1,293-carry season? I honestly can’t name three players on their defense without cheating, and while it may not be about names, that doesn’t hide the fact that they’ll be very bad this year. Luckily, they’ve got Oakland in their division to spoil any hopes of “winning” the top pick in next year’s draft.

4. Oakland Raiders
They’ve got a quarterback controversy between Daunte Culpepper and Josh McCown. I think that just about sums up dah Raidahs this year. That and a commitment to high draft picks that they can’t sign. Do I really have to waste more breath on these losers? (Running and hiding under my desk now because Raiders fans are freaking nuts).