8 in 8: AFC East

By Chris

In today’s final installment of the Roost’s NFL Preview, Eight Divisions in Eight Days, the AFC East is featured.

1. New England Patriots
Jeez what hasn’t been said about these guys already? They should finish 6-0 in the division.

Normally, completely overhauling your receiving corps and cutting your receptions leader from last year would get you double looks from even Detroit Lions president Matt Millen. But this is New England we’re talking about, with a Canton-bound quarterback under center and a workaholic genius on the sidelines. If there’s any tandem in the league that can make that work and get Randy Moss motivated on Sundays, the Brady-Belichick duo is it. Brady might just even be this year’s Offensive MVP.

Oh yeah, they also added Pro Bowler Adalius Thomas to a defense that gave up just 237 points last season, second only to Thomas’ former team, Baltimore.

2. Buffalo Bills
Call me a sucker, but I’ve been debating as to whether the Bills will finish 2nd or 3rd in this division for a long while now. We just don’t know what to expect from this team this year. The Bills could either be pretty good or really bad. They just better finish with a better record than the Dolphins. Expectations are pretty high here in Western New York, considering the team has not been to the playoffs since the Music Ci—I’ll stop there and spare fellow Bills fans the heart ache of that memory.

Regardless, I’m very excited to see Marshawn “Money” Lynch finally take a snap in a regular season game, and not just because he’s on my fantasy team. As long as the new players on the offensive line live up to their big contracts, Lynch, a potential Offensive Rookie of the Year, should be an upgrade over that guy that got traded away. And if J.P. Losman continues to improve and Josh Reed hangs on to the ball, the Bills should be in good hands on the offensive side.

The big questions will be on defense. As Vince Young showed us during the preseason, they could use some of Bobby Boucher’s Tackling Fuel, because the Bills just can’t tackle. I love Paul Posluszny and what he might bring to the table, but it’s the other positions that concern this fan.

The lack of depth at defensive end is troublesome and they don’t have a legitimate #2 cornerback. Jason Webster will be the whipping boy on the team by Week Four. Then again, is Terrence McGee really a legitimate #1?

3. New York Jets
There’s just no way the Jets are as good as they were last year, right? Mangenious got the most out of his guys last year and then some. Sure they’ve upgraded at running back by getting Thomas Jones, but as long as Chad Pennington is their quarterback, I’m not sure how anyone can really take these guys seriously. I’m sure they’ll be in the hunt at the end of the season, but I don’t see them making too much noise.

4. Miami Dolphins
The defense isn’t getting any younger and neither is their quarterback. They passed on Brady Quinn for Ted Ginn and I see that mistake haunting them for many years to come. Their offensive line won’t open too many holes for Ronnie Brown and this team is going to struggle big time.