Who Needs Madden?

by Ryan

The doldroms of summer will get to the best of us. Yes, not even a fine Stephen Crane novel or mock fantasy drafts can get reasonable people through those early August blues. After weeks of haphazard summer sporting events, it’s about time something really peaks our interest.

Finally, today is the day we have been waiting all summer for: the Bills preseason opener is upon us. Now while the boys pack up and get ready to play in New Orleans, we here at the Goose’s Roost would like to celebrate football’s triumphant return with a little artwork of our own. And what better way to use all that spare time we’ve had than making Miis?

And so, inspired by the glorious photo to your right, I give you J.P Losman and Marshawn Lynch.

Brooding a bit, I know, but what can I tell you? There is a reason I don’t work at Darien Lake sketching people…

I like Marshawn much better, but Nintendo didn’t have dreadlocks as a hairstyle. I’m sure if we drafted an asian running back I would have nailed it. If anyone wants to get a real good look at Marshawn, check out 289’s take on “Money.” I’ll be sporting the throwback edition today in celebration of this season’s official start.

Go Bills.