Wha ha happened was…

by Ryan

There isn’t a braile version of the Goose’s Roost.

Now while this is a great injustice and should be taken care of someday, it only proves that if you can see what you are reading. (If you are being read to, man up and use your eyes, sissy.)

That means you can also see the shiny new header we are using. I know it’s nothing revolutionary, but it is phase one of redesigning the Goose’s Roost in preparation for the upcoming fall. Stay tuned for more pretty things, most of them spawning from MS Paint.

The bad news about that vision thing is that if you look closely you will notice our archives are a bit light at the moment. That’s because I accidentally deleted the entire site a few hours ago.

The explanation for this occurance is more complex and utterly stupid than you can imagine; but trust me when I say that the other Roost members will never let me live it down. (Hey, even the best of us have made that mistake…)

Because of this, I am now in charge of reposting every article on this site. So far I have located all of June and a few recent posts. Please bear with me as I scour the series of tubes we call the Internet for my own writing. In the meantime we will operate as usual, and I encourage you to keep coming back for frequent updates.

However, if for some reason you want to find our first post, well, let me know when you find it…