The Other Half

by Ryan

“Well, at least the first half wasn’t so bad.”

In most preseason games, taking that statement away from what you watched would be considered a good sign. Sure, your 3rd and 4th string squad may have made some mistakes, but the first team looked pretty good while they were in there.

Friday night was half of that story. While Losman struggled at times, there were the flashes of brilliance we have come to know. Two long outs were executed perfectly, and while 9/20 with one INT doesn’t exactly dazzle, we all know what we saw in his 64 yard TD pass to Evans.

Marshawn Lynch(9 rushes for 9 yards) didn’t look like the “Money” pick we want him to be, but you just can’t say what we will see just yet.

The other half of the story was on the Defensive side of the ball. That side is shaping up to be a train wreck.

There is something to be said about Kerry Collins running you over. But what can you say when it’s your first team defense that gets trounced?

The scary thing is that it doesn’t feel like an abberation. It wasn’t just about Kerry Collins’ two touchdowns, or the 28 points against. Again, it was missed tackles and a microscopic pass rush that crippled any defensive stops.

Since camp began, the two major concerns have been the youth on D and J.P.’s development as a quarterback. Three games have passed and we still have those same questions. It’s a very startling thing to think about.

After the Falcons game I felt as though progress had been made. The loss wasn’t what was important, it didn’t mean anything. Friday’s loss felt much worse. Take away the aformentioned TD from Fred Jackson and we were officially blown out by the one-two punch of Vince Young and Kerry Collins. Eeep.

There are three weeks until the opener against Denver, and I still have no idea what this team can do. The one thing I do know, however, is that if they don’t go out and destroy Jon Kitna and the Lions on Thursday my expectations will dip down pretty low. Jon Kitna thinks his team can win 13 games this year.

If they want me to think we can break even, they better show up.