Sticking it to "The Man", One Auction at a Time

by Ryan

Now I’ve seen some things, but this this is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen.

I know I’m the guy that frequents NHL charity auctions, but you have to admit that thing is pretty sweet compared to some slobbered up football cards. Somehow it seems like a reach when you drop over seven grand on ripped up Vick cards.

Ebay is one of those places that compliments the sports scene quite well. It has become an extension of the sports collectibles industry, which makes a living on just how crazy some people are. I mean, everyone loves when David Ortiz tries to sell his car on Ebay, but people really dig deep when they can make a point about dogfighting.

I am a fan of the activity, however. Scarcity rules the industry, and every card sent to the dogs means that this bad boy goes up in value.

Of course the money goes towards a good cause, but I just don’t see the impact a gimmick like this will have. Now if we could bid on the naming rights of Travis Henry’s next kid, then we’ll talk.

(For the record, if it’s a girl: Moondance, a boy: Rufus)