Say It Ain’t So, Marv!

by Ryan

A text message from Marv Levy just gave me some heartbreaking news: first cuts were today.

I thought I had another day to relish the glory that is dead roster weight, but Marv had to pull the rug out early.

While the release says the most surprising move was cutting Morgan, I was shocked to see D.J Fitzpatrick go. First of all, who cuts a K/P combo like that? Sure, he couldn’t put a kickoff or punt past the 15, but he can do both half decently. I think that makes up for it.

Besides, he had the best tackle of the game on Friday. Why not retain him for his ability to make shoestring tackles to save touchdowns? Forget keeping him for special teams, put him at corner and let him loose. The way preseason has looked we are going to need a lot of shoestring tackles to keep the score under 40 this year.

This is a serious blow to me personally. D.J was the first person I could call “Fitzy” since our write in friend Rory straddled the puck in Game 7 of the ECF against the ‘Canes. I’m not about to call my punter “Mormy” anytime soon, and Rian Lindell’s parents already screwed his first name up enough.

Just a depressing day in sports for us all.

Oh, and Michael Vick yaddayaddayaddaoveranalyzetress regurgitatemurderprisonrapejokeetcetera.

Glad we have that covered.