Not Even the Foggiest Clue

by Ryan

The NHL is in a perpetual state of begging people to pay attention to hockey. Sometimes, however, they seem to cause their own problems.

Case in point, the Canada/Russia Super Series going on now. The eight game Under 20 tournament is happening as we speak, and you probably had no idea. That’s becuase unless you frequent (Read: ESPN Canada) there is no possible way to be informed of this other than the NHL’s own website. That also means that it is not on tv in the States.

Um… am I the only one that would rather enjoy watching some hockey? Since when does the US not being involved in it stop people from watching? US Soccer sucking recently hasn’t stopped people from watching the World Cup. Everyone saw that Zidane guy headbutt that Italian… right?

From what I’ve read, the games have been good too. Today’s game featured a local player scoring again and fog. That’s right, a fog game. How old school is that?

Besides, who doesn’t still despise Communism? It’s a freaking American Tradition. If you put the chance to see Russia lose on television, you can pull more than a 0.1 any day.

Okay, okay. No one will watch, I know. But I want some freaking hockey, and it’s not there. Do you know what Versus is showing at 8am on Friday, the slot that Game 3 would be in?

Birds, birds and more birds. Join host Steve McKelvain as he entertains Benelli trick-shooter Tim Bradley and Federal Premium Ammunition’s Jason Nash as they chase chukar, wild quail and waterfowl at Texas’ own, Sarco Creek ranch.


Gee I’m glad that’s on instead of hockey. Who wants to watch Kyle Turris destroy the Reds when quail hunting is on? Dab gum ice boys and their sticks.

This is just one more example of why hockey is meant to be on ESPN. The Super Series would be re-aired 4 times a day on tWWL, with Melrose, Bucci, and crew hosting a two hour pregame show on ESPN News. That’s how you make things happen, force it down the people’s throats.

Speaking of shoving things, where is that USA Basketball qualifier?