No Contest

by Ryan

Chen Ming Wang has a no hitter going to the 6th.

This is relevant because this is the second straight day the Red Sox have failed to get a hit until the second half of the game.

To remedy this, I am posting the fact that he has a no hitter and hoping someone takes him deep. It worked last night, when I called someone screaming “NO HITTER NO HITTER!” The next batter, David Ortiz, went yard.

To be honest, I’m not really concerned with the Yankees anymore. This is the series they take 2 of 3 games and look poised to make a run. They are the Yankees, and they will. Will they make the wild card? I have no idea, I don’t watch Mariner’s baseball enough. I’d have to say probably.

Watching this on the YES Network feed is fun because words such as “handcuffed”, “incredible”, and “Jetergasm” are sprinkled in like wildflowers in a prairie. Personally when I think of Wang and “handcuffs” I think of this.

Robinson Cano just hit another home run. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Again, I’m not terrified by a sweep; I just don’t want anything substantial to happen. For years Red Sox fans were the ones saying “yeah, but Pedro owned you last night!” as we were six games back. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

It is interesting to consider that if not for Shannon Stewart, Schill would have a no hitter under his belt this year. His struggles since that game have almost erased the memory of that magical game. Here he is, seemingly battling through the twilight of his career just a few months after he looked as good as ever.

That’s the thing about “almost” and “could have”; they aren’t remembered because they didn’t happen. If everyone remembered the “almosts” this city would have a completely different image. Buffalo knows “what ifs” more than we ever would care to, and no one on the outside will ever care.

Dustin Pedroia just lined out. This game will keep going, but let this post be a reminder of the potential sports bring. This game may go down in history as one of the all time greats. Just one pitch, however, can make it just another game.

If you are a Red Sox fan watching this game, what do you hope for?