Live! From Bristol! It’s Monday Morning!

By Jon

Just when I thought the train-wreck that is Cold Pizza, err….., “ESPN First Take” couldn’t get any worse, someone has to go and call Roger Goodell a communist.

Read that again. It happened.

Doug Stewart, who apparently has a radio show called 2 Live Stews, was asked how long Goodell would suspend Vick after his prison sentence during the First and Ten segment, and responded by “accidentally” calling the commish by the name of none other than Fidel Castro. Yes, because the commish of the most powerful sport in the US is doing his best to rid his game of criminal activity, he is now being compared to a communist dictator who is a public enemy of our country. Classy Doug, real classy.

Maybe Mr. Stewart has a point. Goodell imposing an indefinite suspension on a convicted dog fighter/torture extroardinaire is just as big of a catastrophe as Castro allowing nuclear missiles to be pointed at the US at the height of the Cold War, if you think about it. They’re both tragedies. The latter because our entire nation was at risk, the former because our great nation can’t watch the so-called “most electrifying player in the game.” I for one, will surely miss Vick not being able to find anyone other than Alge Crumpler open and putting his leadership skills (or lack therof) to good use as his team loses game after game.

Goodell is coming down hard on the players. His league has become synonymous with criminals and law-breaking, and he’s trying to clean it up. Basically, this is what he is faced with: Leave the players alone and deal with the media telling him they are morally inept, or punishing his players and get called a communist by some douchebag on a god-awful show on a terrible network’s second-rate station. Tough choice, really.

(Sidenote: You need to do something really awful to be called a douchebag when Skip Bayless (AKA the doucheist of the douche bags) is sitting four feet from you. This feat may never be topped. Congrats to the whole Stewart family.)