Is it Just Me, or is Timmy Looking Jacked?

by Ryan

Everyone seems to feel that steroids are ruining pro sports. With Barry Bonds parading around like a fan appreciation day bobble head, it is hard not to be disheartened at times. What we need is a knight in shining armour to arrive in the sports world and take us past the steroids age.

Enter Tim Couch. Our favorite NFL Draft bust reminds us once again that no matter how much HGH you pump into your system, you can’t get rid of natural suckitude.

If you read the story Timmy doesn’t seem to think it is a big deal. He got a boo boo and took some HGH to make it better. You know what? He’s right. I’m glad he finally realized that while steroids can make you better at what you do, they can’t make you good at anything.

I doubt that he would try, but a story like this would effectively end any chance of Tim Couch suiting up for your favorite NFL team anytime soon. Thank God.

I’m sure Aurthur Blank and the Falcons are very disturbed by this. God only knows that Blank believes in second chances, but steroids? Heavens no. No crappy quarterback of his will have a tainted medical record. That’s just sick.