by Ryan

People say there is nothing to write about these days. To them I say “bah!” and “bah!” again.

Consider the following: we are on the cusp of a football season that will be at the very least ridiculously entertaining. Considering the youth in our defensive core we may be leaping off the Peace Bridge by week three, but at least we have a starting running back with Grills. These things do matter.

To match that we have a brand new Sabres season around the bend; a season that may be a bit less magnified now that we are currently captainless. For those of you keeping score at home, however, we did not suddenly transform into the worst team in the league. Anyone feeling an 0-82 season coming on may leave now. Same goes for your clowns who bought discounted Flyers gear off NHL.com this summer. You can cuddle with Marty on your own time.

The point is this: we have a good chance at having two entertaining teams playing alongside each other this fall, and that makes me all warm and fuzzy. In fact, October is the beginning of the “sweet spot” of the Buffalo sports season. Both Buffalo teams play from then until at least January; with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in between. I’m giddy just thinking about the snow.

To illustrate how sweet this fall will be, I’m posting some killer Halloween decorations I saw today. Yes, I know it’s early, but this is the blog that went to Sabres rookie camp to see our boy Drew Schiestel in action. We’re early risers on this kind of thing.

This is by far the coolest funhouse I’ve ever seen. There are three points of entry, bats hanging inside, and a skeleton knight and the grim reaper are guarding the door. Although the $300 price tag is a bit much today, you have to consider the UFA market and what it will cost for one of these in two years. You know what, Mr. Lowe, give Sam’s Club $500 for it and call it Dustin Penner. The kids will love it.

This one is a bit cheaper, but in all honesty, price doesn’t matter with this. If you can’t tell, that’s a hearse driven by the Grim Reaper. Not only do the lanterns actually work, but the horses’ eyes gleam as well. I know Christmas has sort of cornered the market with these inflatable lawn ornaments, but judging from that terrified child running away on the right, I think that is no longer the case. That hearse is going to show up on some rich kid’s front lawn, and he’ll be so preoccupied with all the other cool stuff he has he won’t even notice. Meanwhile, you are stuck with those freaking plastic pumpkins and a hanging cardboard skeleton.

God I hate the Rangers.


  1. Chris

    There is nothing to write about these days.

  2. RJ

    “bah!” and “bah!” again!

  3. Rickey Henderson

    Well, a trip to Sams to photograph ridiculously unnecessary halloween decorations seems to work. Or you could just start watching baseball…?