Come To Pappin!

by Ryan

Leafs fans rejoiced all over Canada today, as conclusive evidence of an impending Stantley Cup Champoinship was discovered… in Florida.

Now I know what you are thinking (whaaaaaa?), but let me blow your mind here.

Jim Pappin was on the last Maple Leafs team to win the Stanley Cup. 1967. After he got traded, he gave away his ring and disowned the team. The ring soon was lost. Until today.

This is it, the missing link. Pappin’s ring is just like The Babe’s Piano, and now that the ring will be returned to it’s rightful owner, the Leafs are bound to take care of bussiness!

Oh man… this is just like that Tragically Hip song! That ring is Bill Barilko, and now that it’s found the Leafs can be good again! Someone call Gordon Downie up, he’s got another song coming. He can call it “Underwater Metal Detector Treasure”… or something. Let him work it out, he’s the talent.

So while we all order those “Stanley 08” Leafs jerseys, let us gaze upon the face of a champion.