An HD View of Imaginary Football

by Ryan

Preseason games just don’t have excitement attached to them. A fan’s feelings during preseason football can be broken down into a few simple categories:

  1. Oh no that guy’s on my fantasy team please get up.
  2. We suck because we are hiding the good plays.
  3. That 4th stringer isn’t that bad.
  4. Thank God I didn’t pay to watch this.

Well, I did pay to go see the Bills’ first preseason game. But thanks to the fine folks at Stubhub, I paid a mere $4 for this beautiful view. Suffice to say, the parking cost more than my entire night, food included.

The first thing I noticed when I got to my seat was the new Jumbotron, which is as good as advertised. My camera phone couldn’t get a very good picture of it, but let me assure you that the picture quality is as crisp as I’ve ever seen. My only complaint is that they somehow didn’t have room for the timeouts on the main screen. The fact that you could probably watch the game from Batavia on it does seem to make up for that, however.

Just after the kickoff the injury cart went flying by with Ryan Denney on it. Turns out he has a broken foot, which is probably the worst text message the Bills have sent me all season. Anthony Hargrove had a very good game tonight, but with his suspension looming the Bills have suddenly become very weak at Defensive End.

I was let down by the lack of Vick-related paraphernalia at tonight’s game. Really thought the ad wizards would have stepped it up for us. Don’t you think the PA should have played “Who Let the Dogs Out?” when the Falcons took the field? Shouldn’t that be mandatory for all their road games this year?

The good news is that the Joey Harrington Experience is everything it has been advertised. Other than gift wrapping an interception for Terrence McGee he was mostly designated to hand the ball off to “everyone but Jerious Norwood”. A young man by the name of Snelling did some damage against the Bills run D, but Coy Wire also blew him up on a shuffle pass from a panicked Harrington.

Poz was a key stopper in a Goalline stand on Hotlanta’s first possession, and made a few key tackles in the face of blockers. He continues to look good as a rookie, impressing me enough to consider a jersey purchase.

Marshawn Lynch was much more active in tonight’s game, and looked comfortable starting. He was also the coolest post game interview, reminding me again of why I am going to love him in the backfield. Unlike other rookies, he doesn’t seem to be prepped on what to say to the press, and was both candid and entertaining with his comments. I personally can’t wait to watch him when it counts.

Also looking much more poised was J.P. Losman, who continues to look less frantic in the pocket. His new snapper Duke Preston didn’t help him much, and his balls were a bit off at times, but I will take baby steps from J.P., especially in a preseason game.

Trent Edwards looked very good again tonight. Playing the entire second half, he made the throw of the night to Roscoe Parrish for a touchdown. Rolling to his left, he stopped in the face of a defender, set his feet, and threw a perfect sideline pass to Parrish five yards deep in the end zone. I don’t smell a QB controversy brewing, but suddenly that draft pick doesn’t seem so pointless anymore.

With preseason football it is hard to know what to make of the results, both positive and negative. Anything can be scrutinized and overblown because of the simple fact that the results are meaningless. When the final score doesn’t matter, anyone can make one good catch mean a jump up the depth chart; just as one blown coverage is worthy of walking papers.

What does matter was that it felt good to be back in Orchard Park. For the first time in months football was relevant in Buffalo, and while the score didn’t matter, it felt good to be a part of it.