Aflie All Over Your Chest

by Ryan

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of uniforms, especially with the entire NHL overhauling how they roll. So of course I was interested in this press release about the new Senators logo.

After a quick onceover, however, I wasn’t as focused on those massive color splotches under the arms as I should be. (Seriously, why is everyone going for that confetti explosion look when they score?)

I mean is it just me, or is the new Senators logo modled after Daniel Alfredsson? Look closely at the giant photo of him top right. You’re telling me that crest isn’t Alfie with a broom on his head? Sure, nose shape is questionable, but how many people do you know that stare so intently at nothing?

Of course, that picture could have been taken after the new logo is finalized. (“Hey Alfie, look Roman/metrosexual for me in this one…” *CLICK*)

Still, I’m not here to argue for the chicken or the egg. All I’m saying is that there is a strong resemblance betweej that logo and someone on the team, and it certianly isn’t Oleg Saprykin.

Actually, this “create a logo in your captain’s likeness” thing isn’t a bad idea. After all, he is the face of your team. (For better or worse.)

Still, it may not work for everyone. Somehow I don’t think this will work. What about this? Wait, wait… I think we have a winner.