A Frozen Day In August

by Ryan

Maybe not everyone is as crazy as me, but today I felt the distinct chill of a new hockey season.

Last night I finalized my mini pack order for the upcoming season. $975 worth of tickets for a season that suddenly became a lot bleaker this summer. Still, I can’t wait to go back to Section 304 and watch those banners raised. It’s going to be an interesting sports year in Buffalo, and Sabres hockey will still be fun to watch no matter who has left the team.

Today I also found this brilliant website, which I will be visiting from now on. Not only does this site highlight the new RBK Edge uniform changes, it pits team logos against each other in a popularity contest, as well as let fans send in their own uniform and logo prototype. The designs alone are worth a once over, and anyone curious about what teams are doing with RBK’s manhandling of uniform policy should give the site a glance or two. Be sure to vote against the BuffaSlug while you are there.

As I was checking on my many fantasy endeavors on Yahoo Sports, I stumbled across the announcement I’ve been waiting all summer for: Fantasy Hockey is back!

This clinched it for me. Nothing of interest has happened in NHL news for some time, so any sign of the season coming closer will make me smile. Now I have drafts to plan, research to do, and training camp to over analyze. Awesome.

It’s just nice to get that frozen feeling, even on an 80 degree day in Buffalo.