Wow That’s A Lot Of Money, Take Two

by Ryan

Five years, 21.25 million. That’s how Kevin Lowe rolls. That’s how Dustin Penner now rolls as well. Whether Penner and his 45 points will be accepting that large sack of cash in Anaheim or Edmonton is yet to be determined.

The numbers are, of course, huge for a player like Penner. My personal rule is that a player barely on most fantasy teams shouldn’t be making over 4 million a season. Then again, Eric Brewer is making that money for the next three years, so maybe I’m just naive.

Granted, the 24 year old Penner is a rising star and may eventually grow into contract numbers that large, especially on a good team like Anahiem. The offer sheet does put the Defending Champs in an interesting position, however. Signing Penner would put them over the cap, which would force them to make roster adjustments by October 1st. With 20 players under contract and Teemu Selanne a UFA, the Ducks may have to walk away from young Dustin and take the three compensatory picks.

Regardless of what Anahiem decides, you have to hand it to Kevin Lowe at this point. He is really making strides in this “New NHL” offseason setup, taking swipes at anyone and anything he pleases. I tend to imagine Lowe donning a cowboy hat as he works the phones in his GM Place office. Later he tips his waitress at Denny’s a dozen toonies, then moves on to “make it rain” at various Dollarama locations until heading home to check in on his ebay auctions.

It’s a tough life, being a rebel.