Welcome to America

By Jon

It’s the day the media and the MLS brass have been waiting for: David Beckham has arrived.

I’ll be honest…. I couldn’t care less.

The man has the ability to earn almost twice as much as A-Rod (a reported $250 million over five years). He just lead Real Madrid to a dramatic championship. Now, he’s expected to inject life into a sport that has a smaller following in the U.S. than ice hockey, all while staving off the tabloids and the L.A. media, anxious for his first misstep (if you don’t count him nearly saying “football”).

There’s no possible way he can live up to the hype. I don’t care how well he played the last two months for Real Madrid, just six months to one year ago he was left for dead, with everyone saying he was washed up after being stripped of England’s captaincy. I mean, this guy was royalty across the pond at one point, he had to have done some pretty awful things to be stripped of his captaincy.

I, for one, will be no more interested in the MLS. Besides, if you support anything having to do with David Beckham, you are indirectly supporting the Spice Girls and their upcoming reunion.
And any supporter of the Spice Girls is an enemy of mine.