Vanek Update

By Jon

Highlights from an interview taken from Thomas Vanek’s official site (Thanks to Erika for the heads-up)…..

Excuse the broken English, the post was originally in German….

“For at the telephone, Vanek in the AUSTRIA-interview tells entirely other: “Of the Sabres still has no with me spoken”, so the gate hunter. He worries therefore to be sure no, for: “That is hold the Sabres-politics. In my first contract was negotiated have also the entire summer over and first in September we lower letter.””

“Plan B nevertheless Vanek go and its agent on number Sicher. “My agent negotiates presently also because of ‘offer sheets’ with other societies”, tells Vanek, “however I may not say, which societies that are”. Should, put for example, the Montreal Canadiens an offer at Vanek, would have to accept this, still would have would have to accept after that Buffalo 48 hours time to make it the same offer and Vanek.”

“”Would like to remain, but …” Earnestly Vanek with a club change does not busy itself to be sure, nevertheless the 23-year-old makes herself so its thoughts: “Most dearly I would have the contract with the Sabres already in the hand and if everything fits, will come I very gladly back, but the entire is simply also a business. I will give everywhere my best, equal where I spiele.””

What do I take from this? First of all, broken English is fun to try and translate. For some reason, it cracks me up. Maybe I’m a bit ethnocentric, but it sounds so prehistoric.

Anyways, after reading this, I fear that the Sabres management will either lose or overpay Vanek, completing the worst off-season in Buffalo history. It seems as if Thomas has received a few offer sheets, and those are sure to be more than the Sabres could have signed him for prior to July 1st. That being said, even if the Sabres do decide to match (which I fully expect will happen. How would you be able to explain losing three of your top five forwards without replacing them?), they will have to fork over the dough. Another smooth move by Tom, Larry, Darcy and the gang.


Head over to our friend’s at to read about the great reporting going on about the Drury situation in our hometown newspaper. After days of A1 Paris Hilton headlines and now this, I’m losing faith in the paper that I have grown to love.