Sabres get their man in Drury

By Chris

See that headline? That was on the top of the sports section of the Buffalo News four years ago today. In a rare case of optimism, Jerry Sullivan’s column lauded the move. It “could be the best deal Darcy Regier has made since becoming the GM, and it might wind up saving his job.” It probably was, and it did.

I was hoping that this anniversary would be a happy one, but unfortunately, we all know what has happend since Black Sunday. I’m ready to move on and as Ryan Miller put it, “keep (Drury and Briere) in our rear-view mirror.”

So we look to the future now. There are many important dates ahead, including tomorrow’s 5 p.m. arbitration deadlines for Derek Roy, Nathan Paetsch, and Andrew Peters, and the actual arbitration hearings that we all dread begin on July 20.

And oh yeah, Bills training camp opens in 22 days. Only better days can come, right? Right?

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  1. Anonymous

    Wonder what happens with arbitration now that Lowe raised the stakes in making Vanek an offer. GRRRRRRRRR Glad he is here but damn what happens now!?!