One of These Things is Not Like the Other

By Ryan

Some of my favorite quotes from the 2pm news conference:

“The sky is not falling”

“it was more a personal choice” (refering to Drury’s departure to New York)

“we were very competitive”

Buuuuuuuuuuut. Then we see this.

In short, Darcy and company openly said they wanted to sign Drury, and pursued him to the end. Fine, good for you. I’m glad you admitted to completely burning the Danny Briere bridge and went after just one player. But here’s where you screwed up, and why we want answers: it didn’t work.

If Drury didn’t want to come back, you better know what he’s thinking before you cut ties with Daniel Briere. You didn’t, and now they are both gone.

So now what? Where’s the Plan B? Did you even have one?

It’s not just about the players we lost, either. Look what other teams did, the ones we will have to play 4 or more times a year. Philledelphia will be good. Right now. Briere, Hartnell, Timonen, Gagne, Upshall. That is not a rebuilding year, that’s a rebuilt team.

Toronto got better. The Rangers, unquestionably, got much better. Even the Penguins got better. And we lost both captains and get a deadpanned “Sorry” from the boys who let it happen.

Thanks Larry, you always put us down gently.

At 4pm Chris Drury is going to be introduced by the Rangers on MSG NY. Later on tonight, the same channel will show Chris Drury scoring his first career hat trick against the Rangers on October 14th, that magical night when hockey changed the mood of the entire region. While the sky was falling, a hockey team made it all okay, if only for a few hours.

Sure, Darcy, the sky may not be falling today. But our hopes sure are.