New Year’s Celebration

By Chris

NBC is planning on throwing a New Year’s Day Party outside this year. They’re calling it The Ice Bowl, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are coming. But it’s still up in the air as to whether Buffalo or Detroit will be hosting.

Potentially, it could be the biggest game in Buffalo Sabres history–both in crowd size and in the magnitude of media attention. I have no doubt that the game would sell out, possibly even minutes after tickets to the general public go on sale.

After the events of last week, if there’s anything to look forward to during the 07-08 season, this would be it. Anyone who watched the Heritage Classic in Edmonton a few years ago knows that it was something special to see. A big time game outside in the cold. It’s perfect.

And if it snows? All the better.

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  1. Anonymous

    I heard Detroit turned it down and now they are also looking at mid Feb. A game in ‘the ralph’… now that is a game to be at!