"Is that a… OH MAN!"

by Ryan

Just when you thought Simo Hayha was the most dangerous Fin ever, along comes Tero Pitkamaki and his javelin.

Now I don’t know about you, but I know that is exactly how my face would look if I was suddenly impaled by a large throwing spear.

Because Sdiri is okay, it is safe to look at this and go “wow, that actually is pretty cool.” Someone with a bit of creativity could attempt to recreate the effect with toothpicks and whipped cream Frenchmen, but to each their own. A personal favorite would be to guess the most likely thought going through his head as a pointy stick is rammed into his side.

The Top 5:

5) “Man, these quad stretches really do burn!”

4) “Wait till I get Zidane on the phone…”

3) “This is still better than it “raining men” like last year…”

2) “Man, if I’d known her brother throws javelins for a living…”

1) “Maybe this will make me more “NOW” than Posh Spice!”