Green Walls and Greener Pastures

by Ryan

I’m going to be honest with you: it’s not all that hard to leave.

As difficult as skipping town right in the middle of free agency should be, I really am not concerned. Besides, from what I heard today we will be tinkering at best, so what’s left to stick around for?

As Soup mentioned some time ago, I will be making my first trip to Fenway Park this week. Tomorrow morning I will hurl myself towards Boston with nothing but a half ton SUV and an iPod worth of songs keeping me from death. Hopefully the songs keep, and I won’t get a text saying the Flyers traded a few picks to God for Moses and a Saint to be Named Later.

Oh man. You know you need a vacation when you make a free agency joke about God.

The good news is that ahead of me lies four glorious days of Red Sox pride, capped off by a trip to Mecca, aka Fenway Park. I’ve heard many things about Fenway, but the one that resonated the most is that you simply must see it with your own eyes. I plan on doing that, capturing it on film, writing it, and more.

Yet as I prepare to leave Buffalo, I cannot help but wonder what it will look like as I return. Once again I fear for this town. We simply cannot take much more heartache. Eventually, and finally, something will have to give.

Heck, it happened in Boston. Just think how different the atmosphere would be if I visited just a decade ago? The Patriots would have zero rings, the Bruins would still be mediocre, the Celts would be longing for their glory days, and the Red Sox would have still been the Red Sox.

It really is a Brave New World in Boston. Maybe, just maybe, we can do it too.

Until then, I’ll see you down by that River Charles.