Fantasy Football and some more Bucky Bashing

by Rich

Training camp is about to start, and that can only mean one thing: fantasy football drafts! This year I’m looking to defend my league title, and more importantly, win the coveted “Best Name In The League” award. The problem with this, of course, is that you can only name your team once; this leads to an overflow of ideas that for whatever reason just didn’t make the final cut. We’re here to serve you the reader, so without further ado, the Goose’s Roost presents our first annual:

Top 10 Things I Should Have Named My Fantasy Team

1) Vick’s Veterinarians
2) Brady’s Other Babies
3) The Virginia Killing Fields
4) Larry Johnson’s Torn Meniscus
5) Ookie in Orange
6) Poles For Posluszny
7) Bad Newz Bears
8) The Overrated White Guys
9) Sex Cannons*
10) Construda Crusaders

*The term “Sex Cannon” is the work of the guys over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, a blog we at the Roost take great enjoyment in.

Also, while I’m pimping blogs, check out my solo effort at The Buffalo ‘Cane. I figured one take on Bucky per site is about the limit, so I aired my thoughts over there. I started this blog just before joining the Roost, and haven’t really had much to add there in the meantime. Look for things to pick up soon however, as I’m going to be covering college football as well as some Marlins/Heat/Fins over there.

Thanks for bearing with me through some shameless self-promotion, folks. Don’t worry, it’s not going to become a habit.

One Comment

  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    If you give a shit, here are the best league names I’ve had over the years:

    Baseball (since 1996):

    I got Wood you Ankiel grabber

    Football (1997):

    Wycheck the Plummer’s Toomer

    “Bucky Gleason has a MicroPenis” was not allowed by Yahoo.