BIlls Fans Are Applauding Slowly, Drafting Accordingly

By Ryan

There are some that say Fantasy Football is slowly becoming more important than the games themselves. To some die-hards, the final score on the computer screen takes precedent over the one inside the stadium. Well, at least Yahoo Sports would like to make you think so. To them, even the most mundane of football news is important in your quest for Imaginary Pigskin Glory.

Take some recent Chris Chambers news, for example. The segment after the story ends clearly tells you to use your new found knowledge of the NFL to beat everyone else you know at Fantasy Football, sponsored by Chad Johnson.

Of course it’s obviously a form letter, so every article related to football has that statement attached. Even so, it can make for some interesting assumptions, especially with the way the NFL has been going recently.

I’m sure an article about a “KKK devil who hates all colored people” will help me decide if I should take a chance on Maurice Jones-Drew and his O-line. Yep, just as much as “Bucko” Kilroy’s Passing will make me think twice about Kool Aid Maroney at running back.

Thank God for Yahoo Fantasy Sports, otherwise I may have drafted Kenneth McAfee. Or Bill Maas.

Hey, at least I know there is some corrolation between Tony Dungy’s memoir and crushing my opponents’ souls come fall. In fact, “Quiet Strength” would make an excellent Christian Fundamentalist team name. My first pick, Kurt Warner.

Use what you learned in this article to dominate at Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football ’07

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  1. Chris

    For a Christian Fundamentalist team name, I think I’d go with “The Rainbow Men.”

    Use what you learned in this comment to dominate at Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football ’07