When You Make it Rain, it Pours

By Rich

Mr. Jones, the men in blue would like to have a word with you. Again. Oh, wait. My mistake, I meant to link you here. Sorry, but you know how it is sometimes…when you hear “Pacman,” “strip club,” “gunfight,” and “police,” it all kind of has a tendency to blend together.

To be completely honest, the whole Pacman saga is just entertaining as hell to me. Obviously I don’t mean to trivialize the awful things he has “allegedly” been involved in, but it’s at the point right now where each successive incident is more rediculous than the last. At this rate, I’m expecting to turn on the news sometime in late July and see Pacman, Mo Clarett, Stephen Jackson and Mike Vick holed up in a Manhattan bank with 25 hostages, demanding a private jet to the Caymans. Actually, is there any way I could arrange for exclusive filming rights to that type of incident? Any Given Sunday meets Dog Day Afternoon…hmm. Interesting. I’d have to cast Roger Goodell as the embattled police negotiator with the failing marriage who’s in way over his head, and maybe Marty Biron as the spunky hostage who just won’t shut up…

Sorry, that tangent got a little out of hand. I’d just like to point out, by the way, that the Titans needed a DB in the 2005 draft, when they held the 6th overall pick. A lot of people had Miami corner Antrel Rolle rated as the top defensive back on the board, but the Titans passed on him. Why, you may ask? Well, they liked Pacman’s return ability. That, and the fact that they didn’t want to take a UM player because the organization felt that Canes had too much potential for “character issues.” So instead they took Pacman Jones. Way to do your homework on that one, guys. Granted, Rolle has been in and out of the lineup in Arizona with injuries during his first two seasons, but he’s been a solid citizen. The Titans? They get Pacman being Pacman, which is sort of like “Manny Being Manny,” but with more strippers. And gunfire. And the occasional 79-in-a-55 ticket thrown in for variety.

That’s that “U” Karma.