Vote Local, Vote Brad

By Chris

Colin Cowherd…errr Schrutebag…is back on Buffalo airwaves. Brad Riter’s “Powerplay” show ended on Thursday, putting ESPN Radio back on WGR550-AM from 10 a.m.-Noon. Now I don’t like listening to Cow…err Schrutebag (go easy on us, we’re new at this), and you probably don’t either.

On Brad’s last morning show (he’ll be on nights from 7-10 now), he made a plea to keep the “Powerplay” alive and there must have been enough of a response for the higher-ups to introduce this poll on the WGR homepage:

What do you want to hear on WGR weekdays between 10 AM and noon?
-Colin Cowherd
-Local programming with Brad Riter
-Local programming with another host

We can either choose to listen to the latest NHL free agent talk, interviews with members of the Buffalo Bills at mini-camp, and other local topics…or we can choose can listen to a voice that would make any former coma victim want to go back to sleep talk about veggggaaassss, strippers, and How to Shut Down a Blog 101, all while plagarizing other people’s material and then refusing to apologize for it after getting busted. Personally, I choose the former rather than the latter.

Right now, “Local programming with Brad” holds a giant lead, but no lead is ever safe. Get your votes in and knock that national asshat down to less than one percent.

Even if you don’t like Brad, just vote against Schrutebag (we’ve got it now). “Another host” would likely be either Corey Griswold or Brian Koziol, and each have done a more-than-adequate job filling in for Brad during the night show.

So vote local, and vote often. It’s the American thing to do.