Vinny Damphousse Wants to Pamper You

by Ryan

When we heard Vincent Damphousse was leaving his post at the NHL Players Association, we figured there was a reason behind it. Who knew it would be so breathtaking.

That’s right, Vinny has gone from “not now, I’ve got hockey” to “not now, I’ve got exfoliation.” Either that is the worst excuse for quitting I’ve ever heard, or he really, really likes his spa.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a retired hockey player being this creative with his entrepreneurial options. Sure, some players hang up the skates and start a sports bar or sell hockey equipment back home; some even go into television. But no, Vinny hung up the sweater for the last time and said “You know what? I just want to make people feel pretty.”

Hey, if that’s the case, more power to him.

In a related story, Ted Saskin’s Candle Emporium just went public on the Dow.