The Storm Before The Draft

by Ryan

I’ve been told I’m crazy for being excited about the draft.

But since when has being sane helped me as a sports fan? There are actually a few things I love about the NHL Draft that you can’t get in other sports. For example, in what other league is it a good idea to brush up on regional dialects before you even scout players?

But aside from player names this year’s draft is especially intriguing. With regards to aesthetics, this will be the first chance to see what teams have done with RBK’s new sweater. Boston has already revealed theirs (see below) and the Caps have given us a peak of their redesign, but this will be a nice chance to see it on something other than a foam body.

The draft is also unique in regards to it being more so about trades than anything else. With the exceptions of the first round, most players won’t see any NHL action for at least a year. That means that for most teams the draft is less about players like Jordan Staal and more about blockbuster trades.

At the time of this posting, Tomas Vokoun, Vesa Toskala, Mark Bell, and Adrian Aucoin all have new homes. Who knows where some star players will land by night’s end. Even Maxim Afinogenov has been in some trade rumors over the past few weeks. By Sunday night we may be talking about some major roster moves by the Sabres that most casual fans would have never expected.

Finally, if there is any reason to watch the draft, it may lie in Pat Kane, the Buffalo native that has the chance to go #1 overall to the Blackhawks.

”I can remember in my basement kind of announcing myself getting drafted No. 1. It was to the Buffalo Sabres, but wherever I go, it would be unbelievable to go No. 1.” -Pat Kane
If a quote like that doesn’t make you root for him then you’ve never been a little kid. Which is impossible.

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