More Proof Pearl Jam Should Have Won that Antitrust Suit

By Ryan

Today’s edition of “Counting Chickens Before Eggs are Laid” is brought to you by Blackberry.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this, but I blame Ticketmaster no matter what. That’s right boys, Eddie Vedder and I are on to you. You better be careful when you surcharge those Wiggles on Ice tickets, you never know who’s on the other end waiting.


To be honest, the thought of a team in Hamilton is mildly intriguing to say the least. Another team in Canada would be good for the game, and there is obvious interest in the team, but there are still many unanswered questions regarding the regional market share and how teams like Toronto and Buffalo will be offset. The article itself mentioned one buyer’s family has four season tickets for the Sabres. What will that family do if a Hamilton franchise becomes a reality?

The economic stability of the Sabres, while solidified in the short term, is very much dependant on its Southern Ontario fan base. It is hard for anyone to say at this point that season ticket holders need to be retained, but five years from now it may be a whole different story. Another team setting up shop right in our backyard will make long trips to Buffalo to see some hockey a lot less enticing.

Again, all of this is hearsay until it actually happens. Personally, it’s still a toss up for me. I would love the rivalry, but admit I’m afraid of that very thing.