Losing Hope Da(i)ly

By Chris

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today until this story caught my eye:
Daly says wife attacked him with a steak knife.

And I’m not even surprised. John Daly is one of those “athletes” (since he’s not athletic, maybe he’s just one of those people who play sports?) that’s always in the news for the wrong reasons. He’s now up there with the likes of T.O., Ron Mexico, Mike Tyson, Anna Kournikova, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Ron Artest. At this point, we don’t care about what they do on their respective courts. The tabloid stuff is more interesting and that’s where people go for the story. The seedy gambling rings, the call girls, the drugs, the suicide attempts, the facial tattoos.

They’re more than sports stars. They’re actual celebrities now. We saw that back when Andy Roddick was dating Mandy Moore, back when Wayne Gretzky married Janet Jones and it goes back even farther than that.

Can anyone tell me what Daly has won in the last two years? Probably not. But we do know about all of his side promotions and Hooters endorsements. Since when did the off-field stuff become so much bigger than what the players did during a game? Money is defintiely a factor, as well as the fact that anyone can be a journalist now. Anyone with a cell phone camera can be an insider or a source nowadays.Look at us. We’ve got a blog, although I would hope no one confuses us with a legitimate source. We’re just here to give our opinions on what’s going on in the world. But now I’m just ranting.

But it all goes back to the problems with our society as a whole. Believe it or not, both FOX News and MSNBC devoted continuous coverage of the Paris Hilton Saga, even going as far as providing a live helicopter feed that was following her car down the LA expressways. I’m sure there are more important issues in the world that could have been discussed. I’m sure there are, but instead we prefer to watch celebrities get into trouble and “live the good life.” We enjoy watching that crap.

It’s almost a surprise that ESPN’s version of Entertainment Tonight failed miserably last year. Then again, maybe it’s a sign that there’s hope for humanity yet.

(And I was this close to posting Paris Hilton’s mug shot, but I figured I’d spare you all from vomiting and rolling your eyes out of their sockets.)