Hipchecking in

By Chris

How much do I care?

Today is D-Day for the Sabres when it comes to re-signing the captains so of course I’ll go to any means to make sure I’m wired to the latest news. Or in this case wireless. I’ve been in beautiful Orlando for the last week, away from what I’m sure has been the insanity of the local Buffalo sports scene. Soup has been keeping me updated on some of the contract talk (including the 5-year $25 million deal Briere recently turned down) but it’s not the same.

So where am I? Pool-side at the resort in 90 degree weather, typing on my dad’s laprop. That’s how much it means.

The break has been nice, but it’s painful to not be connected all the time during one of the most crucial weeks in Sabres history. If neither is re-signed by midnight, it looks like we can kiss them both good-bye.

I’ll be on the road, heading back home tomorrow morning. But at the same time tomorrow morning, both Chris Drury and Daniel Briere may very well be on the road to their new homes, wherever they may be.