First impressions are everything…

By Jon

Darwin Walker doesn’t quite understand how Western New Yorkers and Bills fans everywhere work.

He hasn’t played a single game in the navy and red, yet he refuses to even step onto the practice field unless he gets a hefty raise. Western New York is known for it’s working class fans, which are why ticket prices are regularly in the bottom half of the league, and this guy won’t even show up unless he gets another 2 or 3 million dollars tacked onto his $1.3 million dollar salary from a team that is up against it’s self-imposed cap. The Bills obviously think that Walker will fit well in their defensive scheme, and if he does get shipped back to Philly the middle of the D-line will be noticeably thin. That being said, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that if Walker is going to be money hungry, he won’t fit in well here anyway and he might as well be sent packing.

My favorite quote to come out of this situation came from Aaron Schobel. Schobel said, “For him, he’s got to look after his family and himself.”

I immediately thought of Latrell Sprewell’s now infamous quote regarding his contract situation. I’m nearly positive that $1.3 million dollars a year will more than provide for Walker’s family.

Walker is underpaid. That much we know. But there has to be a middle ground. The Bills can’t overpay for a money-hungry ego just because he fits into their scheme. I say let him walk, and we can hold our breath with Tim Anderson and John McCargo.