Everything Plain Can Be Lovely

by Ryan

More proof that this off season will be one of the most interesting in recent history: big news out of Boston.

No, not this, that’s just another head coach.

Now that‘s more like it.

Uniforms are seen as very important in the Goose’s Roost, especially when we will see the Hub eight times a year. Personally, I love the new look. It may just be the Bobby Orr card sitting three feet away, but something about the old “B” and matching bear makes me smile. (A nice history of the Bruins logo can be found here.)

The other good sign this brings is a determined effort not to turn the league’s uniforms into glorified Rollerball getups.

The Bruins coming out first with a retro look using the new RBK jerseys means that not every team needs to go all sluggaro on us. It’s been almost a year now, and while the uniform itself has grown on me, the logo has not. The ability to keep a classic look like Detriot or New York’s unchanged will keep most hockey fans from committing murderous acts, while more free-wheeling teams can, um, let their imaginations run wild.

I know that no matter what we say, teams will do what they want with their uniforms. My only request is that the other 29 teams don’t get trigger happy and tweak for the sake of tweaking. Some jerseys really do look solid as they stand.

You know what, screw it. Just don’t turn these teams into members of the Lollypop Guild and I can deal.