Easy, Tiger.

by Ryan

Wow. Just when you think football has finally slid off the summer radar, Jon Kitna goes and kicks himself in the head.

Listen. I’m completely okay with people having high expectations, but bear with me for a moment. Credibility is necessary when you do these things. When Messier said he was going to win a cup with the Rangers, he had kissed the trophy before. When Babe Ruth allegedly called his shot, he had already eaten the entire concession stand behind first base. Whether he was calling for a home run or just waiving down the cotton candy man is irreverent, the legend stands.

Jon Kitna is about three steps above Cade McNown at this point. Meaning he’s older, has been sacked more, and isn’t living in a box somewhere. He’s a poor man’s Matt Hasselbeck. Better yet, he’s Tim Hasselbeck.

This is a guy who has three more touchdowns than interceptions in his career, and a completion percentage hovering just under 60%. Excuse me if I don’t wholeheartedly believe you, Mr. Kitna, but your QB rating tells me you barely know what you are doing out there, let alone how the entire team will perform.

Hear me out, buddy. I know you have confidence in Calvin Johnson, and that’s cute, really. However, calling yourselves the next New Orleans Saints is a bit of a stretch. Drew Brees is offended, and Heath Miller is NOT Marques Colston.

Everybody wants to think their team is playoff bound, but sometimes it just isn’t the case. Heck, there are some pretty high expectations for this Bills team this year, and I personally have no idea if they can even finish 8-8. That’s parody, Mr. Kitna. While a bad team can get very good very fast, you can also hover around mediocrity for a long time. The Lions didn’t even hover last year, they Hindenburged their way to a fiery resting place on the grassy knolls of suckitude.

Remember Jon, you were signed by Matt Millen. Good luck climbing out of the cellar with that hovering overhead.