Draft Profile: Paul Byron

by Ryan

Everyone is excited about the NHL Draft. Heck, even Bill Simmons decided it was a good idea to keep a running diary of it.

That being said, we at the Goose’s Roost felt we should try to get an in depth look at the Sabres’ draft picks this year. Having no press pass, and lacking the means necessary to travel to see these tikes at home, we got as close to a teenager as possible without leaving the comfort of home: their Facebook profiles.

We have been able to find 4 of the 8 players from the Sabres draft class, and will profile them over the next two days. First up is the biggest question mark of Darcy’s work from Saturday, 5’8″ Center Paul Byron.(179th overall)

Hailing from Ottawa, Paul shocked us all by proudly proclaiming he is a Maple Leafs fan. His groups include “I Bleed Blue, Toronto Maple Leafs for Life” and “Chris Neil is the Biggest Pussy in the NHL!” I think he’ll step into the system just fine when the time comes with that attitude.

Paul lists himself at 140 lbs, which makes me feel much better because the NHL scouting report puts him at 135. That extra 5 lbs will make it much harder to duct tape him to the wall come rookie season.

His musical interests are lengthy, but list Canadian mainstays such as The Tragicly Hip, Bryan Adams (shudder), and Alexisonfire. He does boast some good warm up music in Queens of the Stone Age and Rage Against the Machine, as well as the usual classics of The Beatles and Hendrix. At least he didn’t put “Everything but country.”

His television and movie choices are forgettable, with the usual teenager entries of the Simpsons and Wedding Crashers, respectively.

The most telling part of every Facebook profile is the pictures section, which gives us a multitude of on ice shots and some poses. Most telling are some intense rugby shots, and this beauty:

I guess he’s been waiting on that growth spurt for most of his life. Oh well, good luck in the Q, Paul.

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  1. Scott

    Yo ho mothafucka whats up Goose Roost so what exactly are u trying to say with this stuff about my boy Byron? Have you even seen him play? If you have then ur a fuckin idiot and if you haven’t then shut your fuckin mouth. nuff said bitch