Draft Profile: Drew Schiestel

by Ryan
Drew Schiestel is a Toronto Blue Jays fan. That is about all we can say about him without crossing into some sketchy territory. It is important to remember at a time like this just how young these draft picks are, and with that youthful attitude comes an empty understanding of the spotlight.

There are millions of teenagers that have Facebook or Myspace pages, and very few of them realize what is being put into a public space for people to see. Even a mere blogger can do a Google search and come across intimate details of someone suddenly thrust into the spotlight. And so while we came to find out more about the 6’1″ center from Hamilton, we also respect his and his friends’ privacy.

Drew Schistel is the 59th pick overall. He really, really wants Rage Against the Machine to tour again, and is very proud to reside in Hamilton. In one group he is classified as a “Power Play QB/Faceoff Specialist,” which is something we all can appreciate. There are a ton of action shots of him on ice, and from those I’m happy to report that he is not afraid to crash the net.

On a completely unrelated note, there is a group shot of him at Ralph Wilson Stadium watching a Bills game. That is just plain exciting to me. If anyone can get a grip on what sports mean to this area, a Bills fan from Canada is as close as you can get.

Drew Schiestel isn’t afraid to have a good time. Neither are his friends. That is all that has to be said. But no matter what that may make him in your mind, he’s still a good hockey player. One group that stood out to me was “Brothers that are just living the dream.” Yeah, I think I can live with this kid on my team. The game means something to him, just like it does to all of us.

Drew Schiestel: Man of Mystery.