Draft Profile: Corey Tropp

by Ryan

“I play hockey, I’m easy to get along with, and I like having a good time.”- Corey Tropp’s “About Me”

After seeing that, do you really have any other questions? Of course you do, otherwise we wouldn’t be looking at an 18 year old’s Facebook profile. Our 4th Facebook friend is Corey Tropp, the 5’11” right winger from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. (89th overall)

To start off, there is once again an utter lack of things listed as interests. If you switch in “snowboarding” for “easy to get along with” from his About Me you have his Activities; and if you drop “having a good time” for “boating” you reveal his Interests.

Seriously, there doesn’t seem to be much to him aside from playing hockey. He lists his musical interests as “pretty much anything,” which is code for “nothing interesting.” I mean, if you are making your profile and can’t come up with a single artist you enjoy, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

His groups do show he has a pulse, however. He is a big Red Wings fan, and is active in politics. “Shjon Podein for President” shows he has laughed at least once in his life, and doesn’t necessarily believe skating backwards is necessary to succeed. Also, “Hockey players wheel the hottest broads” tends to speak for itself.

Also interesting was a group supporting research for juvenile diabetes. This disease awareness seems to be a recurring theme in the draft class. These kids should be great with charity benefits when the time comes. Bonus points for Darcy.

Overall Corey seems like an okay guy. There has to be more hiding behind his whitewash profile. Maybe some time at Michigan State will loosen him up a bit. We’ll keep you posted.

And yes, that’s Corey holding the stick. We’re not sure if he’s knighting the kid, or forcing him to do proper push ups. Either way, it has to bode well for his leadership abilities…


  1. Rickey Henderson

    Half naked dudes in a locker room knighting each other? Check. Well done sir, my day is complete.

  2. Peter

    first of all when you type in your name on google what shows up? second of all what kind of chump looks up corey on facebook most likely after he got drafted? find something better to do in your free time buddy. i know corey and if anything you should be jealous of him so get your stuff together and go play a videogame beacuse that is the best chance you have of getting close to where he is!

  3. Soup

    peter my man, i think you missed the point.

  4. Anonymous

    Your journalism skills are lacking. Maybe you should polish them up before looking up a hockey player’s Facebook and elaborating off what you see…