Come on Down

By Chris

Bob Barker is taping his final episode of The Price is Right this week and it will air on June 15. No replacement has yet been announced so it looks as if it’s still a wide-open competition to replace him.

Then I found this post on a Sabres message board from none other than WGR550’s Brad Riter (yes, the real Brad Riter):

My friend Dan Sonntag’s idol and hero, Bob Barker, is retiring, and Dan honestly believes he is the perfect person to fill Bob’s shoes.

It’s the job he was born to do.

Since no official replacement has yet been named, we’ve still got a shot.

He’s got a brand new MySpace page which (since we came up with this idea today) is not yet full of information. Our goal is to get him noticed, making appearances on radio shows, etc. as soon as possible. (I already know of one show where he’s got a really good shot of getting on!)

Please do me a favor and, if you’ve got a myspace account, add him as a friend and, if you’re feeling really generous, move him up to the top of your page for a few days so that people take a look.

This is part real, part fun, part “hey let’s see if we can get anybody to notice him.”

I don’t ask for much so give it a shot. Just think… when it works, you can say that you were in on the ground floor.


So we’re on the bandwagon. We love The Price is Right, and if anyone is going to replace Bob, it might as well be a local gu
y through a grassroots movement. So spread the word. Help Dan and help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered.