Baseball ramblings….

By Jon

– A-Rod has been followed by controversy the last week, and I’m nearly convinced that it is good for the Yankees. I’m not completely sold, but stick with me here….

Both Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter got a bit nasty with the media in the days before the two A-Rod incidents, stating they were tired of answering the same questions day in and day out. They most certainly got a new set of questions once A-Rod was spotted with a blond bimbo and screamed something (Sure Alex….. we believe that you simply yelled “ha”) Howie Clark. Since the now infamous “Stray-Rod” story was printed, the Yanks have posted two convincing wins and crawled out of last place in the American League East. These stories may hurt A-Rod’s confidence, but I would argue that the rest of the Yanks are almost relieved that they have something else to talk about. It would probably be outlandish to say that it is good for the team, but it seems as if it hasn’t hurt thus far.

-Speaking of A-Rod, I am completely OK with him shouting “mine” at Howie Clark, but only because they were marred in a losing streak. They needed a win in the worst way, and that play only helped contribute to a win. Is it Bush League? Absolutely! Did the Jays have every reason in the world to be furious? Sure. Did the Yankees win? You betcha.

– If there was ever an argument for instant replay in baseball, you just had to watch Josh Bard’s
tantrum on Thursday. Granted, they got the call right, but Bard’s Brett-like show could have been avoided if they simply went to the tape rather than simply getting together for a conference and basically making a judgment call.