Any Excuse to Talk Expos Baseball

By Ryan

You would think on the night Justin Verlander no hits the Brewers and the Spurs officially make the NBA Finals unwatchable I would look for any way possible to talk about them. Sadly, I just did, and must say that I’d rather watch Fort Wayne play Syracuse instead of Game Four in Cleveland on Thursday.

With that being said, I now present you with the important story: Pro Wrestling is awesome… in Japan.

Now, before you go any further, I insist you scroll through all four pictures AOL Sports has provided for us, because the third one is just brilliant. The last time that much mayhem was properly captured on film Sorano was trying to sacrifice a live chicken in the clubhouse.

I think this pretty much explains it all:

When he played in Japan, Cromartie was involved in a brawl or two. He said that should prepare him for the weekend.

“I’ve thrown a punch and I’ve taken a punch,” he said. “I’m not scared. I’ve seen guys bleed before. He is a little crazy walking around with a sword in his mouth but I’m not afraid of him.”

No word on whether Youppi will be the special guest referee.