A Christmas Miracle!

By Jon

Corruption. Doctoring of medical records. The overall safety issue.

The latest in the Tommy Morrison saga represents nearly everything that is wrong with boxing and eventually will lead to the demise of the Mixed Martial Arts fad that seems to be sweeping the nation.

You know Tommy Morrison either as boxing’s next big thing of 1991 or as his role as Tommy Gunn in Rocky V. He was supposed to rise to the top of the boxing world, but tragically contracted the HIV virus, seemingly ending his boxing career. Or did it?

Fast forward to last February, and all of a sudden Morrison claims he was subjected to a false positive (or doctoring by a rival) test so many years ago. Excuse me Tommy, but you expect us to believe that you didn’t test positive about a hundred more times in the 11 years between your first test and your latest test? I don’t know about you, but I know if I tested positive for HIV and millions of dollars were at stake, I would be tested by anyone who would take my blood. I would need to know for sure, and you’re trying to tell the American public that you didn’t do this? Please, Tommy….

That being said, I don’t necessarily believe Randy Lang, former “associate”, completely, either. It certainly seems as if there is bad blood between the Morrison and Lang camps, but I’m sure it’s clear to nearly everyone that something isn’t right. I say this for multiple reasons. First, the decade of positive tests that I alluded to before. Second, if Morrison was so confident that he, in fact, is not HIV-positive, then why is he fighting on an Indian reservation (where they don’t blood test), and in West Virginia (where the rules are known to be lax)? Third, he wasn’t allowed to fight in Texas when they didn’t recieve his blood test results in time? Gee Tommy, why the delay?

Bottom line is that Tommy Morrison is putting people’s lives at risk, even if there is only a slim chance that he is HIV-positive. When is the last time you have seen a MMA bout where there wasn’t blood? This whole scam seems like a desperate attempt to reclaim his fifteen minutes of fame, and has further turned me off of boxing and MMA fighting, as a whole.