Tommy John Strikes Again

By Ryan

A story like this makes a Schilling blowout bearable, especially when the standings are still that lopsided.

One of the interesting things about the current state of the Yankees is that the majority of the damage has been self-inflicted. Signing a paper-mache free agent has nothing to do with the rivalry, aside from the asinine one-up mentality Ca$hman and crew have developed.

I will readily admit that the Red Sox have done much of the same in recent history, (Read: Dice-K) but as usual, the Yankees seem to counter with similar tastes. (I wonder how Igawa likes Tampa…)

Speaking of Tampa, this little nugget about Elija Dukes was released today. I think it’s fair to say D-Rays skipper Joe Maddon has pulled out to an early lead for manager of the year after electing to sit the embattled fielder for the night.

“I’m just concerned in general, how he’s going to handle things. We’ll wait and see how it all shakes out. … For today, I felt it was in his best interest and our best interest to not start him.” Maddon said.

Hopefully he won’t be getting any picture messages of a glock on his cell tonight.

I secretly enjoy stories like this because they usually include the entire quote with the naughty bits censored. After reading Dukes’ threat I immediately tried to figure out what it was he said. Sadly, as versed in threats as I may be I still have a few options to pick from. I’m hoping ESPN will get a hold of the voicemail and play it, I may need the first syllable to get the whole story.