The Legend of Howie Clark

By Chris

A few years ago my brother’s baseball team went out to a Bisons game here in Buffalo and for the second game of the doubleheader decided to go sit out in the picnic area in right field. Herron’s Landing is a prime location for heckling and Syracuse Sky Chiefs right fielder Howie Clark got it good.

Picture fifteen twelve year olds chanting “HOOOOOOOWWWWWIIIEEEEEE!!!” between every pitch and everytime you run around to track down a fly ball. They started in about the sixth and by the time the eighth inning rolled around, they had him on the ropes.

At one point, he turned around and adjusted his cup in front of all the kids, which instead of intimidating them just promoted more cat calls. Then Howie was really ticked. A ground rule double went over his head and soon after he flipped the bird to a bunch of pre-teens. A really classy move.

So it was much to my delight when I learned that it was none other than Howie who was tricked into dropping that flyball last night in his first game with the Jays this year. That’s what you get for flipping off twleve year olds in the minor leagues, Howie. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors…in whichever local Wendy’s that may be.

One Comment

  1. Anonymous

    I highly doubt your story to be true since on several occasions I have seen him do the exact opposite of what you have said and on the road as well. before you start spreading nasty rumors about someone you may want to check your facts about maybe the most classiest of ball players still playing. Ask the fans and ask the players he has played with and against and you will hear this repeated to you again and again. As for your fifteen year olds maybe its time you taught them a lesson on respect as either a parent or member of the community its your responsibility, people like you are why this country continues to fall apart. You are the type of person that’s part of the problem not the solution. Enjoy