Espanyol and Ointments

by Ryan

I’ll start off with an easy one: SportsCenter Deportes is pointless. Honestly, there are times when I can barely comprehend the English speaking anchors SC throws my way at 2 a.m. But no, ESPN has to globalize and broaden my horizons with an anchor with a wicked Spanish accent telling me about “worldly” events.

This bothers me for a few reasons. First of all, I hate that this most often comes before hockey coverage. Why is it necessary to tell me about something happening thousands of miles away when a hockey game just ended in this country? Can’t you scroll an international soccer score on the Bottomline and give me some in depth coverage of the Western Conference Finals?

I mean, I love “the beautiful game,” and some worldly soccer news is entertaining, but it is certainly something I don’t need to hear on SportsCenter every night. If you truly feel the need to tell me about AC Milan, at least let Stu Scott give it to me, just for comedy’s sake.


I have been cowering in fear over this since Sunday. Anyone who was fooled by a report of a “torn skin flap” was joking themselves. The only “torn skin flap” I’ve ever had was on my foot after skating… and was from a blister. Nice try, Red Sox training staff. You almost had us…

But seriously, this is a bad sign for Red Sox Nation. We all know the history Beckett has with blisters. We’ve heard the stories about all the creams and ointments he has gone through in search of his pitching hand lasting an entire season. To go 7-0 and then go down with skin issues is such a tease. I understand the blessed situation we are in with regards to pitching, but I like the idea of having a healthy Josh Beckett tearing up the AL. (And I see your Rocket, Yankee fans, and raise you Jon Lester…)

Whatever goat semen or “Udderly Smooth” Beckett needs to make his skin heal properly, the boys down on Yawkey Way better order another case of it. Let Jeremy Bonderman take your place as “Mr. Blister Hand.” He’s well on his way…


  1. Soup

    (And I see your Rocket, Yankee fans, and raise you Jon Lester…)

    Sorry Ryan, Jon Lester is hardly a raise

  2. Chris

    And does anyone else hate the new “Rundown?”

  3. RJ

    Jon Lester isn’t half a millenium old. I’ll take the kid over the old man…

    And the new rundown is stupid. Since when is PTI a revolutionary source in the industry? Even Channel 2 uses it now…