August 15th Will Be Huge in Austria

By Ryan

Breaking news out of the International Branch of the Goose’s Roost:
Thomas Vanek is going to be a father.

Of course, if you clicked the link above, the only thing you really learned is that he has a very snazzy website, but is still unable to smile properly when his picture is taken. So, we here in the Roost brought together our crack team of German scholars (er… to get the full story:

Thomas becomes papa! The cat is is out of the sack, on the 15 August birth appointment: Thomas and friend Ashley expect its first joint child! So much secrecy is almost already incredible, but now we may transmit you after the bitter retirement in the Playoffs yet one more than a pleasant message: Thomas becomes papa! The first joint child with friend Ashley is expected on the 15 August and becomes it a boy!

“We are happy, our parents are happy – everyone are simple happy”, means the proud father in spe happily. Thomas mother, the future grandma of the new hockey new generation star: “We were able to believe the surprise not at all, actually would have calculated wait we sooner therewith that the older son will give us david first a grandson and we in Thomas something else müssten.”

Often it comes differently when one thinks. The pregnancy of Ashley was planned pulled also the reason, why the long-time friend of Thomas already earlier than, namely in the last December, from Minnesota to Buffalo.

That the birth appointment fells exactly into the preparation time for the new season, does not disturb Thomas, entirely in the opposite: “I please me already on the new challenge!”

We wish Thomas and Ashley all goods and look already forward to the first baby photos!

I think that clears things up a little. The Goose’s Roost would like to wish deep happy in Thomas and friend for new birth become man child. Buffalo think star big good hockey well.

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  1. Rickey Henderson

    Tom Vanek a father? God help us all.